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20 April 2012 @ 10:27 am
Hello everyone, I realized that I Should probably mention that my posts are all  friend locked. Thus if you want to see my posts you need to add me as a friend and message me who you are so I can accept you. =D
Other than that, you won't see anything in my journal except for this post.

20 January 2010 @ 08:55 am
    Yesterday was my Social midterm. I think i did really bad on it due to the fact that I couldn't make my argument seem convincing. On the bright side, yesterday I went to the library and I got the Avatar Soundtrack and I listened to it when I got home. Man good work James Horner and company on producing such wonderful music. I could see Pandora vividly when i close it; that's how good the music is. That is why I am going to go watch Avatar again when the midterms are over. ^_^

    So I found out that Hankyung from Super Junior is suing SM entertainment. Personally I think that company enjoys being sued because first it's DBSK and now it's Hankyung from Super Junior. You'd think that they would learn, guess not.

    Oh i watched Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen and I noticed that Green Day - 21 Guns was playing in the background and in the credits. Pretty sweet since I adore that band. The movie itself was awesome and funny because the transforms act like people. I think I'm going to buy the first movie now since I have the second one. Also that fact that they are transformers makes it all worth it.

    Well I have English for my midterm today, you can't study for that. Thus I decided to go and study my Chemistry 35 -I and my Math 30 because I need to start cracking those books and, also because i need to do very well on both of those tests.


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